METALFORMS premium smoking accessories are made entirely in Austria and Germany and we only use highest quality materials, which are chemically certified, to guarantee the best smoking experience from our bowl pieces. All our manufacturing partners are certified in DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management standards which allows us to monitor each step during production to ensure dimensional accuracy and perfect surface properties of our high-precision CNC manufacturing process. Durability and unbreakability are the main but not the only advantages of our products. We also ensure fast cooling and easy cleaning because of our designs and surface treatment methods. Our anodizing process increases durability, prevents metal taste and makes cleaning a breeze.

Finest materials, paired with excellent functionality and elegant design, make our pieces unique.



Expect the best, expect quality, expect METALFORMS!

Therefore we only use food-safe materials with material chemical composition certificate, like our aircraft grade aluminium, and high precision CNC turning and milling machines in our manufacturing process. Additionally we anodize the surface of each bowl to make it even more durable and easier to clean. Further, the anodizing allows us to color the material and keeps away any metal taste. 

Our logo is added through high-energy laser engraving.

All our production partners are certified after DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management standards. 


Research and development are key to our innovative products!

We use latest technology rapid prototyping methods like 3D printing to optimize our designs and to ensure excellent functionality. Innovations like the integrated three hole screen in our SE-2 bowl, which allows tremendous air flow while still preserving your smoking goods from prematurely falling into the pipe before complete combustion, lead to a revolutionary and unique smoking experience. 


Our design philosophy is minimalist and classy!

METALFORMS smoking accessories stand for a clean, modern and elegant look. Smart design through 3D CAD design software guarantees an optimized combustion of your smoking goods AND better cooling properties than other bowls. We keep your fingers cool!